Saturday, April 18, 2009

**Install More-Smilies Emoticons To Post Editor

More-Smilies Emoticons. What I write to you below is the real of more-smilies emoticons:

emoticon love emoticon ngegaya

Feel interested in adding more-Smilies emoticons in your blog? Just read this tutorial until end. However, Please remember this tutorial is only work for FireFox browser and and not for Internet Explorer or other browser. So, please use FireFox browser to read this post. One thing you must remember too, the emoticons will be appear only at Compose tab and not for Edit HTML tab. All right, bellow are the steps to installing more-smilies to blogger post editor :

If you have been do my previous tutorial at this post or at this post. Just Click here! and then click Install button and you’re done. Now see your post editor, and you will see your post editor like this :

more-smiles emoticon

Still comfused? Allright, bellow is the completed tutorial :

  1. You must used Firefox browser when you following this tutorial. Not yet have Firefox? don't worry, you can download at this blog for free, please click the button below :

  2. Open your Firefox browser

  3. Install GreasMonkey, please click here!

  4. Click this script, and then click install.

  5. Go to your template editor, and find this code ]]>

  6. Copy and paste following codes above of ]]> img.emoticon {
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    border: 0;
  7. Click Save Template button.
  8. Now you’re done. Now your post editor was added with more-smilies emoticons.



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