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Ciri-Ciri Bahan Dari Bulu & Kulit Babi

Ciri-ciri Kulit babi :Permukaan atasnya mempunyai titik-titik dot yang lekuk kedalam. Didalam setiap titik dot itu ada 3 titik dot yang lain, untuk memudahkan anda mengenalinya setiap titik dot bahagian luar tadi kalau dicantumkan mengikut garisan kebawah, keatas, ketepi ia menjadi 3 segi. Kulit babi biasanya berwarna putih kekusaman. Selalunya ia diletakkan dibahagian lapisan belakang tumit kasut, dibawah lidah kasut, dibahagian bawah lubang tali kasut. Untuk lebih mudah mengenalinya, ia akan terasa seperti lembap ataupun seperti terkena lembapan sabun bila terkena peluh dari kaki anda. Ada juga kulit yang hampir meyerupainya tetapi ia tidak mempunyai 3 titik lekuk didalam setiap lekukkan tersebut. Seperti gambar-gambar di bawah ini :

Kulit babi #1

Kulit babi #2

TETAPI, dua contoh yang di bawah ini agak lain (yang di milis juga disebut sebagai ciri berbahan dasar kulit babi), karena sepertinya titiknya lebih teratur (dibuat oleh mesin), dan tidak mempunyai lekukan/ceruk di tiap tiga titik seperti di atas.

Bahan PVC #1

Bahan PVC #2

Berikut keterangan/informasi dari :
JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia)
HIDC (Halal Industry Development Corporation)
pada 09 Februari 2006

“Hasil dari pemeriksaan JAKIM didapati didalam industri pembuatan kasut, bag, tali pinggang dll, selain pengunaan kulit, bahan PVC, plastik dan kain adalah antara bahan-bahan yang sering digunakan. Diantara bahan-bahan ini sering terdapat kekeliruan diantara bahan PVC, plastik dan kulit babi kerana ketiga-tiga bahan ini apabila dipandang secara mata kasar akan kelihatan tiga bintik pada permukaannya. Sebagai maklumat bersama, triple dot yang terdapat pada PVC dan plastik adalah dihasilkan oleh mesin, keadaannya tersusun dengan baik dan titiknya terhasil secara menegak iaitu hasilan secara titikan jarum, menegak dan tepat manakala triple dot yang terdapat pada kulit babi, keadaanya tidak tersusun, berselerak, permukaan lubangnya menyendeng tidak menegak seperti yang terdapat pada PVC,keadaan menyendeng ini seolah-olah lubang jarum yang dicucuk secara menyenget. Diharapkan dengan penjelasan ini, para pengguna tidak terus panik hanya apabila terlihat triple dot pada mana-mana permukaan kasut, beg, wallet dsb, semak dahulu apakah bahan itu adalah kulit babi yang sebenar berdasarkan bentuk triple dot yang kelihatan.”

Bayangkan apa jadinya terhadap industri/perajin sandal dan sepatu jika bahan PVC dengan tiga titik tersebut 'dianggap' oleh masyarakat luas sebagai kulit babi, hanya karena informasi/pengambilan kesimpulan yang salah.

Dalam QS 49:6 [al-Hujurat : 6]
“Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jika datang kepadamu orang fasik membawa suatu berita, maka periksalah dengan teliti, agar kamu tidak menimpakan suatu musibah kepada suatu kaum tanpa mengetahui keadaannya yang menyebabkan kamu menyesal atas perbuatanmu itu.”
Seperti yang sudah saya sarankan pada artikel HOAX, sebaiknya hati-hati dalam melakukan forward e-mail seperti ini, sebelum nyata kejelasannya, “ .. agar kamu tidak menimpakan suatu musibah kepada suatu kaum tanpa mengetahui keadaannya”

Untuk bahan Sandang yang terbuat dari kulit babi dapat dilihat di :


It is not permissible to buy, sell or make use items like shoes sourced from pig skin. This applies whether the whole shoe is sourced from pighog skin or/and parts of the shoes like the linings.

It is important to find out from the company whether anything from the shoe is sourced from pig skin.

As the leather is treated, and dyed etc. it is not easily apparent as to whether it is pig sourced or not, and that is we advise that the company is contacted. First point of call is the shoe store. In Clark's and other shoe stores, product specification sheets are available, where you can find out whether pig skin is used in the shoe. Though mostly suede shoes are pig sourced, the linings of shoes which use external cow hide leather, can use pig sourced linings.

In your particular case, you can take the product code from the shoe, and ask Puma themselves whether it is sourced from pig : http://www.pumauk.com/contact.html

This may delay the purchase, but you will be absolutely sure that they are Halaal. Alternatively purchase the shoes (making sure with the stores, that you can bring them back if they are not suitable. Usually that is not a problem, as long as you wear them indoors for the grace period), and then contact the company about the leather used.

If a person was to wear a product of leather in Salaah like a leather coat or waist coat then such a person's Salaah is invalid. With reference to shoes, this will only be the case if:
(a) the shoes are worn in Salaah.
(b) the feetsocks are moist orand the pig skin leather is wet, where by the impurity is transferred onto the body or the clothing.

Of course (a) does not apply, as we do not wear shoes in Salaah, but (b) is quite probable when caught it the rain for example, consequently the shoes can become wet inside. Socks do become wet after Wudhu, or we walk through a puddle etc. You can see in practical terms how this can affect one's 'Ibaadah.

Gloucester Muslim Welfare Association (GWMA)

A: We made contact with
Barratts (Stylo), and
Hush Puppies
to get an idea of porcine (pig) usage in leather or suede.
To date Clarks, Hush Puppies and Stylo have responded.

From the responses we gauge the following:

1. Pig skin is not that widely used, certainly it would be unfair to say that Hush Puppies entire range are sourced from hog skin. The use of pig skin for shoes is significant in the shoes market and one must painstakingly choose shoes.

2. Though it is technically possible to make black leather shoes from pig skin, it is unusual to do so and is not an industry standard. Most probably because the texture and colour of the brushed pig skin is desired which would be lost if it were to be dyed.

3. Apparently the pig skin is used as a lining so it is not always enough to look at just the external part of the shoe.

Precautions to take when buying shoes:

Follow the links below to see what pig leathersuede looks like. If in doubt of the source, ascertain the source otherwise strictly avoid. Remember that anything from the pig is Absolutely Filthy (Najasul-Ayn) and it is not permissible to buy, sell or make use of such items. If a person was to wear a product of leather in Salaah like a leather coat or waist coat then such a person's Salaah is invalid.

Look out for the hair follicles on pig skin which tend to be grouped in pinhole size formations of 3, thus leaving a tell tale pattern. This can be difficult to see particularly with suede effect surfaces as advised by Hush Puppies. If in doubt contact the company.

Correspondence as follows:

Hush Puppies
1st Reply:

Thank you for your email and your interest in Hush Puppies.

Yes, some of our products contain pigskin. It is either used as a lining or if the product is made from Suede then this can be taken from either a cow or a pig.

If you require details on a specific product then please email us either the style name or number and we would be happy to confirm its material content.

Customer Services Assistant

We replied with:

Thank you for your swift reply. Would it be possible to assist me by:

1. Telling me how we may recognise pig suede from cow suede? ( a photograph of how one may recognise the pig suede would be much appreciated). This would be easier that asking about specific products.

2. Is it possible to manufacture black shoes from pig skin i.e. for the skin to be dyed black.

As you would appreciate, Muslims find pig products repugnant hence the information would be of much value. Your assistance in this matter is very much appreciated.

2nd Reply:

Sorry for the delay in replying.

1) The hair follicles on pig skin tend to be grouped in pinhole size formations of 3, thus leaving a tell tale pattern. Sometimes this is difficult to see particularly with suede effect surfaces. Therefore, on any Hush Puppies product, as mentioned in my previous email, we would recommend you contact us regarding specific products.

2) Yes, it is possible to manufacture black shoes from pig skin, but this would be very unusual.

Pig skin is commonly used as a lining, not only by Hush Puppies, as this is hard wearing lightweight, soft material ideal for this purpose.

We trust that the information provided will be of some use but if we can help where specific products are involved then please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Customer Services Assistant

Stylo Response:
Yes some of our footwear has pigskin in the construction. The style, cost and end use of the footwear determines which materials are used. Pig skin is used in footwear manufacture worldwide and due to its nature it is particularly good for the linings and insoles of shoes. I do however understand that your religion can not tolerate the use of anything derived from this animal.

We try to offer as wide a range of footwear as possible and many different materials, natural and synthetic are used in the construction of the many different types of footwear that we sell.

Pigskin can be any colour including black and can be finished as suede or leather.

Clarks Shoes
I'm pleased to enclosed a list of the men's styles we are offering for
Spring/Summer which contain pig skin.

Mad Racer, Mad Speed, Man Rebel, Man Time, Mad Sky, Mad Cap, Rio Drive, Rio Sun, Red Sting, Line Sign, Line Top, Line Deep, New Kick, New Tag, New Land, Showman, Street Sign, Street Class, Street Zone, Street Plan, Street Place, Stitch, Sew, Urban Extra, Head Spy, Head Route, Head Slot, Platform Pace, Pure Sports, Platform Walk.

Thank you for your patience.

Consumer Advisor

MARKS & SPENCER Retail Customer Services Chester Business Park Wrexham Road

Our Ref: 1-83534233
11 July, 2005

Dear Mr Kassam
Thank you for your enquiry about the leather we use for our shoes. I have spoken to our technologist about which shoes use which kind of leather. The shoes we sell which have a pig leather lining are our non polish Airflex, Collezione and Autograph shoes as do our Blue Harbour lightweight boat shoes (codes T03 2250b and T03 2251b).
Our Blue Harbour vintage cup sole shoes (T03 2363b) have pig leather outer. All our other leather shoes use cow leather.
I hope this information is of use to you. Once again, many thanks for getting in touch.
If you have any other queries in the future, please feel free to ring us on 0845 302 1234. Alternatively you may like to e-mail us by clicking on the contact us link on our website.
Yours sincerely

Laura Rafferty
Customer Adviser
Retail Customer Services
Marks and Spencer plc Registered Office:
Waterside House
35 North Wharf Road London W2 1 NW Registered No. 214436 (England and Wales)



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