Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rapidshare kene throttle ngn TMnet?

Thank you for your reply.

With regards to your issue on slow download using rapidshare, the inconvenience you have experienced with your Streamyx connection is regretted.

Upon checking your attachment of average ping result, we found that your average ping result to (302ms) are meet our minimum requirement for International website. Please note that if the ping result shows approximate round trip in ms more than 500ms, please revert to us for further action.

As per stated, our Fair Usage Policy automatically identifies the extremely heavy users and manages their bandwidth in order to protect the service of all our other customers.

This traffic prioritization policy will protect the quality of service for the majority of our customers when they use the service, while at the same time, still allowing the extremely heavy users to continue to send and receive files with certain restrictions. With this policy in place, we will prioritize Internet activities like web browsing, live streaming, messaging applications and VOIP access while traffic to P2P sites will be given lower priority, due to the high bandwidth consumption of such services.

We note that Rapidshare is not a P2P applications but due to the nature of heavy downloading activities by customers, it has to be subjected under our Fair Usage Policy.

Kindly refer to the link as below regarding our fair usage policy

Your understanding on this matter is highly appreciated.

For further assistance or feedback, kindly e-mail us at .
Alternatively, you can also contact TM at 100 and select "Internet Services".


Norasimah Ahmad
Customer Care Support, Internet Services,
Customer Service Management,
TM Retail


abe long on December 13, 2009 at 9:01 PM said...

maksud die ape wei....

Anonymous said...

apa daaaaaaaaa


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